About Us

Ccentric is dedicated to serving the leadership needs of organisations in healthcare, academia and life sciences that help improve people’s lives. We do this by searching globally for the best, most committed, and most creative executive, clinical and academic leadership talent.

Ccentric is a member of AESC and commits to the AESC Code of Professional Practice and Standards of Excellence.

Our customers are our focus

What does a great executive search partner look like?

To state the obvious, a firm that satisfies your search needs for leadership talent by appointing great candidates in a timely manner. 

Beyond this, an ideal search partner will:

  • Consistently appoint great leaders who stay with and perform for your business over many years, becoming a key part of your succession planning, and contributing to your business performance, reputation and sustainability.
  • Have earnt trusted advisor status by delivering excellent results over time and working with you at the strategic as well as operational level.
  • Be as interested in your organisation when you aren’t recruiting as much as when you are.
  • Be an outstanding ambassador for your organisation, enhancing and safeguarding its reputation.
  • Provide and receive respectful, honest feedback; be authentic, transparent and have real integrity.
  • Regularly share meaningful research, market intelligence and insights with you.
  • Develop a well-informed brief and search strategy through a structured consultation process with key stakeholders.
  • Have policies and processes in place to proactively manage privacy, data protection and other risks that could
    adversely impact your business.
  • Conduct searches in a manner that considers and supports your diversity objectives.

Ccentric is our specialist executive search division focusing on executive and senior leadership positions. Ccentric provides national and global  searches in areas such as:

  • Executive and corporate leadership
  • Clinical and scientific leadership
  • Academic leadership
  • Board leadership


Witt/Kieffer Ccentric is our joint venture with Witt/Kieffer, the largest executive search firm in the USA focusing exclusively on healthcare, higher education and life sciences. Witt/Kieffer Ccentric partners with Ccentric in undertaking global executive searches for Australian clients, as well as servicing its own clients in the UK/Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Witt/Kieffer Ccentric

CcSelection provides a targeted executive search for key middle to senior management and specialist professional positions. It also provides interim management and professional staff when you need an experienced executive, clinical or academic leader to undertake a short-term project, cover a period of leave, or fill a position while you recruit a permanent replacement.


Our commitment to customers includes:

We have an experienced team of qualified executive search professionals who listen to you, and will also ask the right questions to ensure an in-depth understanding on the brief on which we need to deliver. Our search delivery model is based on an integrated team approach to deliver optimum results in a timely manner.