About CcSelection

Permanent Recruitment

CcSelection leverages the same research-based high quality search approach that Ccentric uses to appoint executive leaders and applies it to the middle management level. CcSelection provides clients with a hybrid executive search service that has proven successful for appointing the best candidates to hard-to-fill permanent mid-level positions, when traditional recruitment methods have been unsuccessful.

Examples of Permanent Appointments Include:

  • General Management
  • Divisional Management (e.g. Divisional Nursing Directors)
  • Directors of Nursing & Nurse Management (e.g. Nurse Unit Managers)
  • Clinical Leadership (e.g. Director of Perioperative Services)
  • Finance and Business Management (e.g. Finance Manager)
  • Human Resource & Workforce Management
  • Clinical Stream Managers or Department Managers
  • Academic Positions (e.g. Associate Professors)

Project Recruitment

CcSelection provides project recruitment when large numbers of healthcare professionals of the same type are needed for a start-up company or where an ongoing pipeline of candidates is required. This has been done successfully as a one off for a start-up, and an ongoing basis for others.

Project Recruitment Examples Include:

  • General Practitioners
  • Paramedics
  • Radiologists
  • Sector Specialists (e.g. Aeromedical Doctors)