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Benefits of working with an Executive Search Firm

Benefits of working with an Executive Search Firm

Working with an executive search firm can often be seen as a last resort by many clients; an option for those when they have exhausted advertising, potential internal promotions and other internal recruitment options. At Ccentric, we want to shift the conversation so that clients view executive search as a valuable first option in many instances. The appointment of a senior leader is a long-term investment rather than a short-term cost.  The return on investment of a superior appointment will potentially create millions of dollars in value, measured through tangible things such as increased revenue and efficiency, reduced costs, as well as intangible benefits such as enhanced reputation in the market, and improved staff morale and retention.

Well executed executive search is a partnership, between us and a client. We have an established process in place to confirm client expectations, clearly understand desired outcomes and to establish rapport and trust; all factors which are vital to the search process.

We use a capability framework and structured process to assess each candidate draws on the findings of empirical research by leading academics and Hogan Assessment Services about what produces superior performance in executive leaders.  This research has found that optimal performance will most consistently be delivered by people assessed as above average in three categories of Ability, Likeability and Drive.  All three categories are critical, however, in particular, the best candidates are very likeable, that is, they exhibit excellent relationship management ability, interpersonal skills, integrity and EQ.  People who make a shortlist will typically have the required Ability, therefore their Drive and Likeability become the key ingredients to long-term success.

 Why Ccentric?

  • We fill over 95% of the searches we conduct – well above the industry norm of 70%.
  • Over 92% of our searches result in an externally sourced candidate being appointed – as opposed to candidates referred by you or internal to your organisation.
  • Our placements stay for over 5 years on average and many are subsequently promoted based on performance.

 What does the market say?

We have spoken to a number of candidates and clients, asking them why they felt the process of using an executive search firm was beneficial to them; hear what they have to say below.

Michelle Wearing-Smith, Head of Marketing and Communications, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

I think the biggest benefit for me was the assistance in the process. I was already working full time, so having that assistance is invaluable.

Georgia Hinton, Director of Operations and Business Development, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

In this case, I had a great experience with Michael who was very lateral in his thinking and he needed to place a role that was complex and multidimensional.  When you find recruiters that are open and broad in their thinking about people and capabilities, it’s so much easier.  You really feel like you are not being squeezed into a box. It is always tough when you’re looking for a new role, so you look for likeminded people and recruiters. I think the value that they bring is the ability to sift through a lot of the ambiguity out there.

Andrew Kinkade, General Manager Residential Care, Catholic Healthcare

Firstly, it enabled me to get a better understanding of the story of where the organisation was at and where it wanted to go, Wayne was incredibly helpful in that. Secondly, his advice regarding what the organisation was looking for and how my skills and experience could add value was very helpful.

Barbara Yeoh, Former Chair, Monash Health

Thank you for undertaking the recent successful executive search for the position of Chief Executive, Monash Health.

We were impressed by the depth and span of Ccentric’s reach into both the domestic and international markets in bringing together a very strong list of potential candidates.

In particular, the selection committee valued the insights provided by the depth of Ccentric’s assessment of the potential candidates in response to the position brief, which greatly assisted the committee in coming to a final recommendation.

Jill Rowe, HR Manager, Getz Healthcare

I always enjoyed working with the Ccentric team. They have always sourced excellent candidates, they always meet the brief and the people we have hired through Ccentric have always been successful in their roles so well done and thank you to the team.

Ged Foley, CEO, Sonic Clinical Services

It gives you some in comfort knowing that there’s been a rigorous process to go through to find the right person for the right role and that the net is cast wide enough. I have no interest in actually scoring a job because of friendships or established relationships. You want to be the best person for the job, and I think using executive search produces transparency and fairness to the process which is incredibly important for those senior positions, which is what I look at when I’m looking to replace a senior position. I think when using executive search, you also find candidates that you wouldn’t necessarily think about and I think that’s really important. Sometimes it’s a bit left-field you think, so I think that’s really important.


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