Ccentric Executive Search

Ccentric is our specialist executive search division focusing on executive and senior leadership positions. Ccentric provides national and global executive searches in areas such as:
• Executive and corporate leadership
• Clinical and scientific leadership
• Academic leadership
• Board leadership

Ccentric has an extensive history of sourcing candidates globally and specialises solely in the healthcare, healthcare academia and not-for-profit sectors – we live and breathe your industry each and every day – therefore our networks, connections and market knowledge surpass those of generalist search firms. Typically, the best candidates in the market are already engaged with us – they know us and trust us – enabling us to produce better shortlists quicker.

Where we work in Australia

Industry Specialisation and Global Sourcing creates Better Shortlists

We have a proven record, spanning over a decade, of sourcing high profile international candidates from international locations desired by our clients, including the UK & Ireland, Mainland Europe, Canada, the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and other relevant parts of Asia.

CcInterim provides interim management and locum services, from Executive and Clinical Leaders to Middle Managers and Specialist Professionals.

CcLeadership provides succession planning, leadership assessment and executive on-boarding to determine the leadership strength throughout an organisation.

CcSelection uses the same research-based, high-quality executive search approach used by Ccentric to target mid-level management and professional roles.