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Ccentric Group Launches Interim Management Offering

interim management

Interim Management | Ccentric launches CcInterim

Companies are increasingly attracted to and reliant on a flexible hiring policy, which they achieve through a combination of permanent and temporary employees with the right mix of skills.

Globally the trend towards using interim executives and professional staff is experiencing strong growth and over the past year we’ve witnessed Australia mirroring the trend with demand for this employment solution continuing to rise.

In response, we’re excited to advise our new CcInterim which has been launched under the management of experienced senior executive recruiter Sarah Street.

Our research to date indicates the need for interim managers and professionals arises in a range of circumstances, but most often to cover leave periods including when a business is recruiting for a permanent senior role or when specialist expertise is needed to undertake a specific fixed term project. These are periods during which the company is left without a key individual to support business continuity, where the risk of this disruption can be mitigated through the use of an interim or bridging executive.

We’ve also found employers sometimes want to ‘try before they buy’ without the formality and commitment of a permanent engagement. The types of positions where interim staff can be helpful include CEO (of a single hospital through to an entire health service), Executive Director of Medical Services, CFO, Director of Nursing and Head of HR.

This service has the benefit of giving access to highly experienced talent in a short timeframe, perfectly matched to each party’s needs.

We find candidates are increasingly viewing interim opportunities as good option for building their career profile, with many wanting the benefits that come from a flexible work experience, or to do so towards the tail end of their career.

Our research has shown interim workers clearly prefer to conduct contract engagement via a third party, with almost 63 per cent of people choosing to go through a recruitment agency. So we’re confident both employers and employees will benefit from our new full service offering in 2017.

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