Interim Management

CcInterim provides interim management and locum-type services from the C-Suite/Executive, Clinical and Academic Leadership tiers through to the Middle Management and Specialist Professional level. Interim leaders may be needed to cover a period of extended leave, where the employer is recruiting for a permanent position, or when specialist expertise is needed to undertake a specific short-term project.

Examples of Interim Appointments Include:

  • CEO’s and COO’s of hospitals, health services, health related organisations
  • CFO and Finance Managers
  • Executive Directors of Medical Services
  • Directors of Nursing and Nurse Managers
  • Medical Directors of Clinical Streams/Departments
  • Human Resource Directors


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Ccentric is our specialist division for national and international executive search. We focus specifically on executive and senior leadership roles.

CcLeadership provides succession planning, leadership assessment and executive on-boarding to determine the leadership strength throughout an organisation.

CcSelection uses the same research-based, high-quality executive search approach used by Ccentric to target mid-level management and professional roles.