Permanent Recruitment

CcSelection leverages the same research-based high quality search approach that Ccentric Executive Search uses to appoint executive leaders and applies it to the middle management level. CcSelection provides clients with a hybrid executive search service that has proven successful for appointing the best candidates to hard-to-fill permanent mid-level positions, when traditional recruitment methods have been unsuccessful.

Examples of Permanent Appointments Include:

  • General Management (e.g. Regional or Area Managers)
  • Divisional Management (e.g. Divisional Nursing Directors, Divisional Operation Managers)
  • Directors of Nursing & Nurse Management (e.g. Nurse Unit Managers and Aged Care Facility Managers)
  • Clinical Leadership (e.g. Director of Perioperative Services)
  • Finance and Business Management (e.g. Finance Manager, Commercial Managers, Business Development Managers)
  • Human Resource & Workforce Management (e.g. Human Resources Business Partner, Director of Workforce)
  • Clinical Stream Managers or Department Managers (e.g. Allied Health Managers)
  • Academic Positions (e.g. Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers or Lecturers)

Project Recruitment

Our CcSelection division provides project recruitment when large numbers of healthcare professionals of the same type are needed for a start-up company or where an ongoing pipeline of candidates is required. This has been done successfully as a one off for a start-up, and an ongoing basis for other projects. Projects can be run successfully across all industries we work in, including: healthcare, digital health, not-for-profits and academia.

Project Recruitment Examples Include:

  • General Practitioners
  • Paramedics
  • Radiologists
  • Sector Specialists (e.g. Aeromedical Doctors)
  • Medical Advisers
  • Pathologists
  • Nurse Managers

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For more details on how our CcSelection practice can help you and your organisation, please contact either Michael De Santis or Pam Lubrainschik today.

Ccentric Executive Search

Ccentric is our specialist division for national and international executive search. We focus specifically on executive and senior leadership roles.


CcInterim provides interim management and locum services, from Executive and Clinical Leaders to Middle Managers and Specialist Professionals.


CcLeadership provides succession planning, leadership assessment and executive on-boarding to determine the leadership strength throughout an organisation.