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divergent clinical careers

Clinicians cry out for diversified skills

Clinicians seek diversification from ‘traditional’ clinical skills and divergent career opportunities.

Healthcare globally and in Australia is changing, driven by an ageing population, advances in technology, increasingly complex models of care, consumer expectations, geographical challenges and the pressures of financial sustainability. Alongside these changes, the careers/roles of clinicians and health professionals are undergoing significant change.

Together, Wavelength International, Ccentric Group and Creative Careers in Medicine have partnered to research the views of a cross-section of the Australian medical and healthcare workforce about areas of interest and expertise beyond traditional clinical roles.

This research – the first of its kind in Australia – highlights the need for medical and health professionals to diversify beyond ‘traditional clinical competencies to encompass a range of skills in digital health, leadership, education and coaching to name a few.

Before releasing our exclusive research in the coming weeks, we would like to share with you a preview of what we’ve uncovered and its implications for the healthcare workforce.

Key Findings

  • 857 healthcare professionals were surveyed including Medical Leaders and Specialists, GPs, CMOs & Registrars, RMOs, Nurses and Midwives, and Allied Health professionals
  • 72% of clinicians are considering divergent career opportunities whilst 60% report having qualifications or experience outside of traditional medicine
  • Interest in non-clinical skills was greater than self-identified expertise across all of the categories surveyed, highlighting the need for a stronger focus on supporting skills development throughout a health professionals’ career. This was certainly the case with Digital Health as 42% indicated an interest in some form of digital health, however, only 15% reported having expertise.
  • The desire for variety/diversity in a role as well as flexibility and the need for a good work-life balance were the most common factors as to why doctors were interested in divergent career opportunities

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