Diversity and inclusion

Ccentric Group believes a culture of diversity and inclusion, where the entire range of human experience is welcomed and celebrated, can strengthen and transform organisations. We strive to model this belief in our work and service to our clients.

It is fundamental to excellent performance in all organisations, especially those in the healthcare, academic, digital health and not-for-profit sectors committed to improving the quality of life. It is imperative that their leadership reflects the diversity and inclusiveness of their customers, staff, and stakeholders.

Ccentric Group recognises and has adopted a range of practices to advance our commitment, including The Diversity Code of Conduct developed by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), The Athena Swan initiative in the higher education sector, and the ‘30% Club’, a worldwide movement aiming for a minimum 30% female representation on the Boards of organisations as well as executive positions.

The Diversity Council of Australia’s paper, ‘Diversity Benchmarking and Inclusion Practices in Australia’, noted the top two drivers for diversity in Australian organisations are to (1) better position themselves to recruit and retain talent (68%), and (2) to be an employer of choice (59%). As an executive search firm, such drivers closely align with our service offering, therefore we recognise the core role we play in promoting diversity and inclusion.

The AESC Diversity Pledge

Ccentric Group is a signatory to the AESC Diversity Pledge; we are CEOs representing leading executive search and leadership consulting firms around the world and we have come together to speak with one voice. As a profession, we are dedicated to strengthening leadership worldwide and believe in the power of diverse talent and inclusive cultures.

Our Pledge

We share a commitment to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination within our own organisations, with candidates and the clients we serve, and in our communities. We pledge to use our collective voices and actions to help create a world that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible for all.

Our Guiding Principles

accelerate diversity principle


Each CEO who signs this pledge is committing to developing and deepening actions within their own firms. Our Guiding Principles will help inform firm-based actions which will accelerate a sustainable positive impact.

educate diversity principle


We commit to listen, engage, and learn so that we can do better both as employers and as trusted advisors. We will understand and leverage best practices to greatly enhance attracting and developing diverse talent for ourselves and our clients. We will work with our clients to identify leaders and assess them for their ability to create inclusive cultures where diverse talent thrives.

advance diversity principle


We will develop stronger and more diverse slates of candidates through robust research, outreach, and alliances. We will use our expertise to mentor diverse talent to raise their visibility and their success and will identify partnerships that allow us to engage more people, and thus have a greater impact.

advocate diversity principle


We will advocate with clients to help them embrace best practices that further their diversity and inclusion efforts which, in turn, will enhance business results. We will contribute our time and our expertise to under-served communities to advance racial equity and economic empowerment and to fight for social justice.

Gender diversity

Over the last five years, we have combined all of our placement data to provide you with the gender split of placements across the healthcare, digital health, academic and not-for-profit sectors.

Academic Roles


Board Roles


Executive Management


General Management


Corporate Management


Medical Management


Nursing Management


Take part in our survey

As a leading executive search firm, Ccentric believes in promoting diversity and inclusion. Data on various aspects of diversity is not readily available therefore we have developed a brief anonymous survey which we invite you to participate in.

The survey will provide us with insights into the experience and make up of the candidate population at the leadership level across healthcare, academia, digital health and not-for-profit sectors. The survey tool we are using ensures results are aggregated and therefore anonymous at the individual level.

The survey is totally voluntary and you only need to answer the specific questions you wish to.  It will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

We plan to regularly publicise the research results on our website and in our newsletter so you will be able to view the aggregated results yourself.