Podcast – Dr Su-Lin Chong interview

By February 22, 2015 September 26th, 2016 Podcast
Ccentric Interview

Dr Su-Lin Chong sits down with Ccentric Group as part of the Ccentric Report Leadership series. The interview is available to download on iTunes here.

Dr Chong is currently the CEO of the Prince Court Medical Centre in Malaysia. She has also held positions including CEO of the Sunway Medical Centre and an industry advisor to the Minister of Health Malaysia.

In this interview, Dr Chong talks about some of the complexities that people who relocate  face on returning to their home country. Culture-shock is a very real issue that is faced by those who work overseas.

The Ccentric Report is a series of interviews with industry leaders in health, life sciences and academia.The rest of the series is available on iTunes, please click here to access them.

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