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Erwin Loh

Erwin Loh | Insights from Industry Leaders

Chief Medical Officer for St Vincent’s Health Australia

Erwin Loh is the national Chief Medical Officer and Group General Manager Clinical Governance for St Vincent’s Health Australia.

He recently sat down with Managing Director, Wayne Bruce and Rebekah Di Blasi to discuss his career and digital health. Some of the topics they touched on include:

  • Why did you decide to study medicine?
  • What have been your favourite jobs in your career so far?
  • What has been the biggest work-related challenge you’ve faced?
  • How do you think digital health will change the healthcare landscape in the coming years?
  • Diversity is becoming a prominent issue. How have you seen the companies and boards that you are working with evolve and manage these issues?
  • What is one of the biggest challenges of working on a board?
  • Who has inspired you the most in your career?
  • What are your top tips for aspiring leaders?

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