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Ccentric Expanding into Digital Health

Expanding into digital health

Ccentric Expanding into Digital Health

Expansion into digital health as an executive search practice was a natural next step for a company with critical relationships throughout the healthcare industry.

We have a unique view on the healthcare landscape at Ccentric, and have regular discussions with leaders, decision makers, and healthcare innovators about what the future will hold and what roles technology will play. These relationships provide us with a unique opportunity to help organisations succeed in the digital health and technology area.

Emerging healthcare technologies such as telehealth, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), wearables, robotics, and other digital health initiatives are transforming the way healthcare services are delivered and having a significant effect on the healthcare industry. Speaking with industry experts, it became evident that our relationships with clinical and academic leaders would help companies staffing their fast growing digital health teams.

We thrive on information, and one of our initial decisions was to conduct research into why people were moving into digital health. This was accomplished through a survey conducted in partnership with Wavelength International and Creative Careers in Medicine between November 2019 and January 2020. This research – the first of its kind in Australia – highlighted the need for medical and health professionals to diversify beyond ‘traditional clinical competencies to encompass a range of skills in digital health, leadership, education and coaching to name a few. It proved that our initial conversations with prominent leaders were correct: a substantial group of clinicians (medical, nursing, and allied health) were considering alternatives to traditional clinical work.

Two years later, we’ve witnessed how our relationships can help companies expand into digital healthcare. Through all executive search work that we do, we’ve seen how it has helped organisations grow, change and make a difference.

Here are a few examples of our recent major digital health placements:

  • Chief Digital Health Officer, Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Chief Executive Officer, HealthDirect Australia
  • Chief Information Officer, Telstra Health
  • Chief Medical Officer, HealthDirect Australia
  • General Manager, Digital Hospital Innovation, Telstra Health

We’re excited to be a part of future innovation as the digital health landscape evolves and we continue to learn and develop with it.

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