CcLeadership Services

Succession Planning

Planning for the future is second nature to most executives and their organisations, and yet planning for leadership transition and building a pipeline for future C-Suite talent is often overlooked. Succession planning and the development of the future cohort of executives and managers is pivotal to organisations ensuring their competitive edge over the medium to long term.

A recent study by Stanford University reported that only 46% of organisations have a formal executive succession planning process and only 25% have an adequate pool of future leaders.

Ccentric provides succession management services to determine the leadership strength and potential throughout an organisation and how long-term leadership needs can be addressed.  This involves steps such as:

  • Identifying the competencies, skills and success factors required for key leadership positions.
  • Assessing “bench strength” across various business units and functions.
  • Designing development plans for high-potential leaders.
  • Providing an executive coach customised for each person’s needs.
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluating of succession management initiatives.

Leadership Assessment

Ccentric’s Leadership solutions through CcLeadership, are about helping organisations, teams and individual executives get to better by becoming more aware of their unique qualities and tendencies, opening the door for greater success.  Organisations, teams and individuals who gain peak awareness of their competencies can realise their true potential. Without this awareness via assessment, leadership growth can be stifled.

Executive On-boarding

We offer a comprehensive onboarding process that helps leaders acclimate in their first weeks and months on the job. Our consultants actively partner with you to ensure new leaders are receiving the knowledge and support they need to do their jobs, while also identifying challenges and weaknesses that can be addressed before they become barriers to success.  A new executive hire is a major investment, and onboarding ensures that investment is nurtured from the start and that full productivity is achieved as soon as possible.

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Ccentric Executive Search

Ccentric is our specialist division for national and international executive search. We focus specifically on executive and senior leadership roles.


CcInterim provides interim management and locum services, from Executive and Clinical Leaders to Middle Managers and Specialist Professionals.


CcSelection uses the same research-based, high-quality executive search approach used by Ccentric to target mid-level management and professional roles.