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Mark Lubliner

Dr Mark Lubliner | Insights from Industry Leaders

Chief Medical Officer at Austin Health

Dr Mark Lubliner was placed by Ccentric Group in 2019 as the Chief Medical Officer at Austin Health. Mark has held various medical and strategic executive roles across public and private sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom.

He recently sat down with Managing Director, Wayne Bruce, to discuss his career and the aged care sector. Some of the areas they touch on include:

  • Why he decided to study medicine.
  • If there was any particular job that shaped his career.
  • The differences between the UK and Australian healthcare systems.
  • Who inspired him most in his career.
  • The opportunities and challenges Austin Health will face over the next 5 years.
  • The impact of digital technology on the healthcare landscape.
  • What attracted him to his current role at Austin Health.
  • If there was any benefits of working with an executive recruiter to secure this opportunity
  • What are Mark’s top tips for aspiring leaders

All podcasts are available on the Ccentric knowledge page here; including the latest podcast series “Insights from Industry Leaders” and series one, a combination of interviews with both healthcare and academia leaders.

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