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Ccentric Staff's Tisp for Aspiring Leaders

Ccentric Staff give their Tips for Aspiring Leaders

Ccentric Staff Tips – To help celebrate Ccentric’s 20 years of operations, we turn the focus of our latest tips for aspiring leaders’ series to advice from some of our consultants.

Wayne Bruce | Managing Director

My best advice for anyone aspiring to better their career is to ensure you are doing something you enjoy and are passionate about – if you’re not, it might be time to consider a change. Like many people, I “fell” into executive search, it was not a planned career move. However, on entering the industry, I was fortunate enough to have found what I consider my calling or vocation. This is especially so given that Ccentric’s focus is on the healthcare sector – every placement we make has an impact on people’s lives and so we can be proud that we make our own small but important contribution to the betterment of the community through what we do every day.

Kylie Brown | Senior Consultant

My advice would be to:

  1. Be a role model; the behaviour you want from your team, be values driven and make decisions based on these values.
  2. Set a clear vision and be clear on the business goals.
  3. Communicate key messages, regularly.
  4. Empower others; lightening your load to focus where needed and skilling others to make decisions and be accountable.
  5. Give recognition and keep the team motivated.

Michael De Santis | Principal Consultant and Head of Business Development

Set a broad plan about where you want your career to get to, then reach out to those who you may know (or perhaps a new contact) to get some understanding of how their career path developed and/or search consultants who would have seen a diverse range of career movements and backgrounds.

Be open to new opportunities but ensure that they are aligned with your overall career plan/goals/vision, and you have given appropriate time to deliver on the goals set out in your current opportunity.

Make sure you set some time aside each week (however brief) to work on your own personal career development.


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