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Why Every Interim Role is a Great Opportunity

By 18 December 2020December 22nd, 2020Interim | Knowledge Page
Why Every Interim Role is a Great Opportunity

Why Every Interim Role is a Great Opportunity

A message from Andrew GemmellCcInterim Practice Leader, on how every interim role can be a great opportunity.

In our previous article, we discussed what organisations need to consider when looking to appoint an Interim Executive. Part of that article was to contemplate and explore the opportunity at hand for the organisation. It is no different from the candidate perspective – every interim opportunity that presents itself can open new pathways and experiences that add to your professional life.

At CcInterim, we work with a broad range of people with a variety of skills, experience and interest. Some choose to work with a degree of flexibility which is why they take on interim assignments. Some people may be in between jobs due to restructures, change in strategy, corporate events such as mergers & acquisitions or other world events such as Covid-19. Either way, it is healthy to approach interim work as an opportunity rather than filling the gap.

Interim to Perm

The most common and obvious benefit of approaching every opportunity in the right frame of mind are the long-term opportunities that can eventuate. It is difficult to put an exact percentage of how many interim roles become permanent at the executive level, but it is quite common, we would estimate around 25-30% from our own experience. The fact that you would be working in a role either operationally or even better, adding strategic intent and value, will hold you in good stead for being offered a permanent or long-term contract. Not only does it provide an opportunity to impress an organisation, but you can also equally see if the organisation is aligned to you, whether it be the type of work or your values set.

The Reference

Whether it becomes a permanent opportunity or not, interim contracts are still an opportunity to experience new challenges and opportunities. At the end of that, in most cases, a strong reference from your direct manager can add value to your career journey. The ability to come into a new environment, embrace and succeed in a short period is invaluable. Future employees will always look for verification of performance. Using interim assignments are a fantastic opportunity to continue building value for your professional brand.

What You Learn

In a recent discussion with a CcInterim executive, they shared one of the reasons they chose to interim assignments was to learn. Coming from a metropolitan area, with experience mostly around centralised health services, they felt it was an opportunity to learn about what goes on in rural and remote locations. For them, the opportunity to see first-hand what communities and rural health services experience were a key driver in their decision. Equally, they were able to apply their skills in a new context. For the record, this interim role has been critical to the organisation during a time of change, and the outcomes have been mutually beneficial.


It is also not uncommon to use an interim assignment as an opportunity to transition – it can be a tactical move to make a change in your career. However, before making that change, you can learn about whether it is as you thought it would be. You can learn about the nuances of an industry, a sector, an organisation and even how people think, those to whom you might report to.

Every interim opportunity is a chance to continue building on your career. Sometimes we can stumble into a role as a short-term fix. Our advice is to be very conscious of where the value can lie for you, even if your decision is for a short-term career move.

If you are interested in or would like to discuss an interim opportunity, contact Andrew Gemmell today.

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